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My little pony hair

Can you tell by my Dip dye post and some of my transformations that I may have spent a lot of time as a child playing with My Little Ponies and Treasure Trolls? Any toy that came equipped with a head of hair, and I was enamored.

I used to wish with all my might that I too could have magenta hair and sparkly tinsel that grew straight out of my head and shone like a jewel. I made bargains with a certain  almighty power that I would never steal my brothers Gameboy and hold it for ransom for his allowance again if I could have hair the color of the brightest sunset.

At such a young age, I did not yet know that this was actually attainable. My parents were neither style conscious nor on the cutting edge of hair, and so it was all my imagination unicorn land, where horned ponies frolicked on cotton candy clouds drinking banana juice, and everyone got to choose their own hair color. This is where my obsession with fantasy-inspired hair began.

It took until I met a certain hairdresser on the set of a music video that my best friends dad was producing and I drilled her to no end before I realized the possibilities. I really could choose my color. But, I would either have to pay someone to do it for me and maintain it, or learn to do it myself.

Long story short, I went to beauty school at 15, and have been at it ever since. I do all kinds of hair, from the tamest trims to the boldest of statements. But nothing gets my creative juices flowing like the opportunity to do My Little Pony hair. It fulfills a certain childhood fantasy. There is nothing quite like having hair the catches the eye of everyone who passes by.

I would like to take a quick minute to thank the team at KM for creating Color.bug, so that we may all experiment with the idea of fantasy hair. You have made some 5 year old dreams come true;)

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