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HTHG’s DIY color job


Just a quick little post about my own color….By the beginning of July, my color was starting to look washed out and brassified. My hair is a natural level 6-7, and I generally DIY foil it or balayage it with bleach and 10 v, and just around my face, to brighten things up.

Halfway through an Arkansas summer, usually about the time I arrive in Seattle, my color is looking yuck. So what do I do? A HTHG DIY color job. To blend the roots and de-brass it, I mix up some Rusk semi in a 6-1 (ash) and slap it into the first 2 inches of my roots. And then a little on my brows, to darken those bleached out little hairs. If I don’t do my brows, I look like a lab rat by the end of the summer. I let it sit about 15 minutes, then I paddle brush it vigorously to bring the color further down towards the ends. This blends and diffuses the color, and Is a great trick if you are using semi-colors and translucent colors.

At the end, I literally *squished* Paul Mitchell’s Inkworks in Orange into my ends. This was a last minute attempt to truly brighten up the scheme and try something different. What I ended up with is a natural, shiny, interesting, and awesome ombre. Let’s hear it for experimental DIY coloring!

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