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DIY friday……No-heat curls

We have been talking a lot about No-heat curls lately on HTHG. There are many ways to do them, and the headband trick is my current favorite. You do it when your hair is half-way dry, it takes literally 2 minutes or less to curl your hair up in the headband, go about your business, then shake out your curls and go.

A quick, easy no-damage solution to straight, flat hair. It works on fine, coarse, thin, thick, longish short to long hair. It is great for a lady on the go who needs some extra oomph. Also, it’s a great prep for up-dos! Try it, and send me a photo!

You will need a stretchy headband like a Top Knot damage free hair tie (seen around my wrist!)

Begin by putting the band around your head, across the top of your forehead. Starting at the front on one side, grab a small section of hair and lightly twist it, then wind it loosely around the stretchy band a couple times. Then, take a section next to the first, and gently twist and wind. Work around in sections like this until you get to the middle of the back of the head.

Now, start in the front on the other side and work your way back, twisting and winding the hair gently, section by section. Keep in mind that it does not need to look neat at this stage. After all, we are going for loose, easy curls.

Now, go about your biz, sip coffee, pack lunches, put on makeup, do yoga, go back to sleep, whatever your morning routine may be.

When hair seems dry, pull the headband off and shake out your pretty curls. and GO!

For more no-heat curls, check out the twisted bun the sock bun curl method, and Grandma Suzi’s pincurls!

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