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DIY hair

HTHG is a site dedicated to showing people that DIY hair is do-able.  All the cut, color and styling tutorials in this site can be done at home, for cheap, with a couple of necessary tools. The ‘dos on HTHG are meant for you to do them on yourself, a friend, your husband, your kids, any willing, desperate, eager, inspired, curious person;)

I am doing my best to find great hair tricks that seem difficult, and explainand demonstrate them as simply as I can for the inexperienced DIYer, but it is important to note that not all of these techniques are entirely simple. Some take precision, timing, and skill, and those are the ones that are for experienced hair DIYers and professionals only.

HTHG accepts no personal responsibility for people messing up their own hair, but I do encourage you to be brave and adventurous. So, trust your instincts and comfort level when it comes to doing your own hair, but don’t be afraid to try new things! after all, “Stuck in hair, stuck in life.”

I have had many complete DIY hair beginners have great results with my perfect layers tutorial, DIY foil, giving their daughter a bad-ass haircut, bang trims, ombre hair, the shlob, and of course, everything in the DIY styling ideas category.

Everything from what to do with your curls, how to cut your husbands hair, to HTHG’s random hair thoughts and anecdotes are for you too use and ponder on your journey through DIY hair.


Because we are constantly surrounded by images and messages in our society that tell us who we are supposed to be. The DIY movement is us, the people, taking matters into our own hands on our quest to be ourselves and be proud of it. We are taking hold of our identities and having fun with it! DIY hair is a great place to start. Doing your own hair is easy, fun, and empowering.

Changing our hair is a powerful way to begin to transform ourselves into who we want to be, whether it’s a cool DIY hairstyle to wear for a day, or a funky and new hair cut that we do ourselves that turns heads on the street.

I invite you to browse this site and try some new things out. Go ahead, be creative. Take a style leap-of-faith. Then, submit your DIY hair stories to Your Stories and share your experience. Thanks for visiting!



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