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Friday DIY…..Witch bun!

This post is for Alix Brown. She is kind of a witch queen in her own right. She is a passionate photographer that spends her time between LA and NYC. Alix, if you read this, I’m glad to have shared #bethefair with you. You helped inspire my Witch style post, and taught me about hashtags. And you cracked me up. I want to meet your mom.

Photo by Natalie Keyssar

And I’m sorry for the quality of my iphone photos. Large expensive cameras and toddlers just do not mix:)

Anyway, this hairstyle is for medium to long hair. It is meant to be both polished, but very loose.

To get this bun, start by sectioning off the front on both sides.

Then put the hair in a high ponytail and secure.

Split the ponytail in 2, and then take one of the sections and split it in two. twist both peices in the same direction, and secure at the bottom with a small rubber band. This is a rope twist. Do the same with the other half of the ponytail.

Now loosely wrap both rope twist around each other into a bun and pin to secure, then twist the front sections loosely and pin back on both sides.

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