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DIY Friday, Couronne de caudel de poisson

And that, my friends, is my attempt at translating “tail of the fish crown” in french. Because it’s a FRENCH fishtail braided updo. As in the french braid is to the braid as the french fishtail is to the fishtail braid.

The head is split in half across the back in one diagonal parting. Then a french fishtail is done across one section going in one direction, and across the other section in the other direction.

Once each braid is secured with an elastic, pull them apart a bit to make them looser and wider.

Then, you tuck in the ends and pin them under the other braid to hide them. Add a flower because flowers make everything more beautiful. XOXO!

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  1. Kristin

    SO pretty! Love it 😉

  2. Arkama

    I was a bit surprised by the title which seemed strange to me, and that’s because your translation is very funny : the word “caudel” doesn’t exist in French (as far as I know… I’m French), it’s “queue”. But thanks a lot for all those hairstyles very “hair-spirating” !

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I did my best. It was a long shot:)

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