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Braided style for shorter hair.

Do you have shortish hair and are you tired of not being able to wear any braided hairstyles? Here is the french braided crown as seen on Galway Milkmaid. It’s the perfect braided hairstyle for shorter hair. Click the link for a easy how-to. The first one is one french braid going around the head. The second one is with a vertical parting across the back of the head from ear to ear, with one french braid starting at the front hairline and

going in one direction around the crown of the head, and another braid going across the back of the head. The ends are then tucked in and pinned so we can’t see ’em. This second look is great because it accommodates that short hair in the back that won’t reach up far enough for the crown braid.

This style is perfect for barely shoulder length short hair, with or without layers. Anyone going to rock this look? I think you should.

Want to perfect your french and dutch braiding technique? Check out this post.


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