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DIY friday…..Sassy side-pomp

This Sassy side-pomp is uber-fashionable right now, from the glossy pages of Vogue, to runways all over the world. I’m loving this look. It’s vintage with a modern asymmetry, a little british sass, high fashion, but still simple and pretty.

You may want to watch this video first to perfect your twisting, rolling, and pinning.

You will begin by sectioning off the front side of the head, from a side part at the front hairline to behind the opposite ear, across the top of the head. This will be your smaller section.












All the rest of the hair in the back will be your bigger section. Twist the big section up the back of the head and pin it.











Now section out the bang area. Take your side section and roll it back and pin it over the top of your twist in the back.

Now take the rest of the hair at the front and top of the head. Give it a floof and a backcomb to add a bit ‘o volume, then roll it back and pin it flat on top of your roll so it creates one large pin curl.


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