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DIY hair friday: Braided ballerina bun!

balerinaThis cool braided hairstyle makes me feel like a prima ballerina. When I was young I really wanted to dance in Swan Lake. Now that I am a matured woman, I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s NGH. Never gonna happen.

I still want to look like a ballerina and walk with absolute grace on my tippy-toes with an impossibly pretty bun and rosy cheeks, though.

Here is the hairstyle for that.


ballerina braid1. Start by splitting your hair down the middle to the back, and make 2 very high ponytails that are kind of cross-eyed (close together)

2. Snoop-dog them (braid them into 2 braids, and secure with elastics)

3.Pull the braids apart a bit to bulk them up a little.

4. Now, take one braid and wrap it around the front of the base of the first one. Pin it in a couple different places to secure it.

5.Now take your second braid and wrap it around the back of the base of your first braid and pin it to secure it.

6. Make sure to tuck your ends it to give it a continuous braid look.

Will you try this easy DIY braided hairstyle?

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