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DIY finger wave and pin-curl set for beginners.

This hairstyle is straight out of The Great Gatsby. I’ve been meaning to show you all this gorgeous hair concept. It’s the 1920’s inspired DIY finger wave and pin-curl set for beginners.

I have taken a simply stunning classic hairstyle and made it as easy as I could for you to DIY. I consider this to be one of the most beautiful classic hairstyles ever invented. Ever.


This is a double feature post, the first video shows you how to put the wave and curls in. The second video shows you how to take them down and style them into an easy vintage inspired DIY hairstyle that is perfect for a bride, a costume party, a red carpet event, or ( If you are like me;) ) a Thursday afternoon.

If you want to learn to do a full head of just pin-curls, watch this video.

You will need a fine toothed comb, some duckbill clips, and some long bobby pins.

Want to really make your waves pretty? I just discovered finger wave clips/ waving clamps!


Looking for more flapper era hair? check out these HTHG Gatsby themed DIY hairstyles.


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  1. JJ

    I work in high school theatre and help my mom with hair and makeup. We rarely get to dabble in the 20’s but when we do hair is key! You’re pin curl, and finger wave tutorials are the best, most helpful, least frustrating I have ever seen! Thank you so very much!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      YAY! I love high school theatre. I once danced in No No Nannette in a highschool production, and I wish I would have know how to fingerwave then! glad I can help.

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