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DIY friday: Unique braided-updo for short hair.

From a former lifetime shorty, Once you figure out that a short hair up-do is possible, It kind of opens you up to a whole world of new hair possibility. Get inspired. Get creative. Make It Work.

What I tell my daughter when she says “My hair is too short! I can’t do ANYTHING with it” is “Try saying it differently” and then she says ” My hair is short, but maybe I CAN do something cool with it” and usually just saying it in a more positive way is enough to get her creative hair juices flowing and she comes up with things like ‘The q-tip curl’

I know that many shorter haired women think that they can’t wear cool up-dos, but I’m here to tell you that you ALWAYS have options and don’t ever forget it.

French braiding is a great way to style shorter hair. Because the french braid works progressively down or across the head, it is easy to get those short pieces in there. Short hair french braids tend to look a bit more intricate and textured.

I personally like a DIY short hairstyle that is not too polished or perfect, but rather bursts with personality and pizzaz. If hair falls out of it here and there, it softens the look and creates interest around the hairline. This braided hairstyle for short hair is the perfect blend of lots o pretty, a tiny bit rock and roll, and a touch of earthy. Try it!


This short hair up-do involves a side part, 2 french braids, and 3 little messy twisty buns in the back.

Here is how to do it.

Make a side part. Start one braid on the heavy side, and french braid it halfway back. Criss-cross pin it to secure. Then make another french braid on the other side and pin it. Remember, if some of the hair is just too short to make it in, don’t sweat it!


Now with the hair in the back, work in rough sections, twisting the hair loosely and pinning it in demi-buns ( I think I just made up a cute little term for short hair buns that don’t make the full circle!) When pinning up short hair, the key is to be as intentionally sloppy and messy as possible to both hide the pins and make a lot of texture. Pin your demi-buns into your criss-cross pins, and they will stay. I promise. Short haired ladies, give this one a try and I promise you will get over any short hair slump that you may be in.


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  1. maria ortiz

    I like the examples that you gave there can you show the steps on how to make them PLZ 🙂

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