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Question about hair breakage in a dry climate….

Hi there! I just found your website and LOVE it! Thanks for your hard work! I am hoping I can pick your brain on a number of topics, ranging from no-poo, to Q-redew, to DIY wedding hair.

I have been no-pooing for almost a year now. My hair is long and naturally wavy, but I’ve always had problems with it being super dry, with ends that break easily. When I moved to Boise, ID back in 2007, my waves disappeared (it’s really dry here), and shampoo/conditioner just made everything worse. Therefore, I was prompted to no-poo. My hair is definitely much nicer than it was, but I still have problems with breakage. Do you have any suggestions on how to minimize breakage? I try to do a conditioning treatment (coconut oil/eggs/avocado/honey/

whatever I have lying around) once every other week, and that seems to help a bit. Other ideas are very welcome!Also, Have you used and do you like the Q-Redew? Because my hair is awesome when it’s raining/humid, I thought this may be a good tool for me, though it’s really pricey. I don’t use any products, so having a nice hairstyle that’ll stay would be great.

Ok, last question. I am getting married next august, and would like to have a hairstyle that is up for part of the day, and down for part of the day. It’d be great if it could play up my waves/curls, is no-poo/product friendly, and would stay in for the whole time…I know, it seems like a stretch, but I thought you of all people would be the best to ask!

Also, I haven’t tried this, but I’ve heard that quince seeds mixed with water act as a natural hair gel. I’ll try it and get back to you.

Thank you so much in advance for your advice and help. I so much appreciate it, and it’s great to have found another person who rejects the throngs of products and perceptions of what a  woman in our society should be. Thank you, with all my heart.

Hey! thanks for writing:) THe one thing I have learned about split ends and breakage is that a regular trim is CRUCIAL. I do mine ( ponytail layers cut) every 6 weeks ( I trim of just barely on the very ends) If your hair is long though, you might have an inch or more of split ends that need to be removed. The key is to cut them above where they are split so they don’t continue to split. Then, keep up with the coconut oil treatment. One thing that Im loving lately is this
To restore moisture, strength, and curl to dry hair. And YES to the q-redew!!!! perfect for waves in that dry air.
As far as a DIY hairstyle for your wedding that you can wear up or down, something like this one
just let the last part down after the nuptuals.Also, this one is great….
hope these help steer you in the right direction!

Hi Roxie,Thanks for all the great ideas! I am definitely going to try the Lanolin, and just today, I did a coconut oil treatment last night, and this morning, cut back on the amount of BS and ACV  I normally use. Today, my hair is thicker-looking, curly, and definitely looks much nicer. I also am going to experiment with the hairstyles you suggested.

Thanks so much!

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