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Bootleg faux-bob for hooch-y mamas.

I got this really cool turn of the century blouse a couple weeks back. It is white and cotton and ruffly and as delicate as can be. Perfect for me, the girl that my friend Holley used to call “The Hulk” when we worked at a vintage clothing store together in Seattle, and I would bust the armpits out of every old pretty dress I ever wore.

Alas, I should not be allowed to wear white, ever. Or anything old and delicate. It’s debatable that I should allow myself to own anything of any value. I got the clumsy gene. Anyhow, my pretty old white ruffly blouse inspired me to design a more 1920’s inspired Louise Brooks faux-bob. But by the end of the hairdo, I had busted out the back seems and the armpits of the blouse. Sad hulk face.

This faux-bob is a bit shorter than your average faux-bob. It also gives a bit more of an angle, cropped in the back and longer in the front. It works great on any hair type, but looks best with some bangs. Also, a little headband or scarf finishes the look off beautifully and hides the bobby pin on the top.

Here goes…..

Start by parting hair down the back of the head.

Make a braid on one side and secure the ends with a clear elastics. Only braid the last 2-3rds of the hair, leaving the base really loose. Repeat on the other side.








Loosely overlap the braids on top of the head and pin them together. Don’t forget to pull down your lady parts!






Put your scarf or headband on, hiding the pins at the top.

Bootleg a bob hairstyle, hooch-y mama.


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