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DIY hair Friday……Half up twisted buns.

prettyWhen you can’t make up your mind about your hair, half-up hairstyles are your best friend. Like your favorite pair of jeans and a cute and long forgotten sweater that is both comfortable and slimming, the half-up hairstyle always looks good. When you are PMS-ing and the sheer thought of having to make a decision and stick with it is paralyzing, rely on the half up hairstyle to get you through.

When you want the glamour of a twisted up-do, with the feminine softness of wearing your hair down…….you guessed it. Half-up twisted buns are the #DIYhair do for you.

Here is a nice one for you. Get your twisting fingers ready. I hope you love your hairstyle today. XOXO

By the way, here are 2 more half up  DIY hairstyles for you to try…..A braid-y beehive, and a relaxed rockabillly pin-curled hairstyle.



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