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Badgley Mischka inspired #DIYFriday Runway Braid up the back bun!

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This classy upside-down french braid with a bun and a bouf was inspired by the runway hair of this years Badgley Mischka show. I drooled at this hairstyle, so I decided to re-create it and share it with you. It is surprisingly easy to do, the complicated part is just getting the hang of braiding your hair upside down. It takes a little practice. Check out this video to watch me do it.

This hairstyle is composed of a braid up the back, a little bouffant, and a pinned bun with the free end of the braid. Here is how I did it.


badgley1. Section off a semi-circle of hair on top of the head from temple to temple. This will be your bouffant area. Pin it to keep it out of the way.

2. Flip your head over and begin your french braid at the hairline. Braid all the way till you reach your top section. Include all the free hair from the sides. Secure the end of your braid with a clear elastic.

3. If you have bangs, separate them from your bouffant section. Hold up your bouffant section, and back comb it.

4. Taking the ends of your backcombed section, roll them down to the head, and pin it from both sides. Smooth the top of the bouffant and tuck and pin it into shape.

5. Take the free end of the braid, and wrap it into a bun.

6. Pin your bun to the base of the bouffant. Add a pretty comb if you want!

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