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No-heat comb waves!

DSC00657Here is my wavy hair trick for today my dears! If I don’t do something to tame my hair these days, it tends to get a little wild’n’frazzled. Not so hot. So today, since I have all these hair combs laying around for my upcoming HTHG DIY spring hair tutorials, I tamed the beast with this simple no-heat curl/wave trick!

comb waves

I waited till my hair was more than half dry after my weekly ShamPHree.Then, I roughly divided my hair into 2 sections down the back, twisted either side  into 2 loose buns, and stuck a comb in each one. Than I drove across town to bring my daughters sleep-over friend home, listened to Micheal Jackson in the car, made mac-n-broc for my kids and put em down for a nap (thank god.)

My hair looks great today.

Want more no-heat curl ideas? Check this out.

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