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Dead flower braids for a Lazy Springtime Sunday

DSC01830I lazily braided and pinned my hair into this SUPER easy style a couple weeks ago, and finished it off with a flower (was it a daisy? cant remember. Seems to early in the year for daisies.)

I went about my business, and then rejoiced at the end of the day when I glanced in the mirror and the ‘do still looked great, despite the inevitable wilting that happens to hairstyles after a day of chasing children around.

dead flower braids

Here is how to do it…

1. Start with a center part and 2 regular braids down the back, secured with clear elastics.

2. Pull the braids apart to fluff them up a bit, starting at the ends and working my way up.

3. The braids should be irregular, loose and pretty messy for this casual style.

4. Take one of the braids and cross it over and pin it just under the other one with criss-cross bobby pins. If your hair is longer, roll the tail up a bit and pin it discreetly so that the overlapping braid will cover it.

5. Take the other braid and cross it over to the base of the first braid. Make sure it covers your criss-cross pins. Now, pin the ends under the base of the braid and hide the tail. Add additional pins as needed!

Now tuck a flower behind your ear and wear it until it gets all wilty.

Perfect lazy Sunday hairstyle.


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