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Looking forward to Summer and dirty festival hairstyles

OCFPrincess Brettevier, short hair swamp braid, crown twist (No tutorial)Tribal braids and twist, triple buns (no tutorial) snake twist half-up bun (no tutorial) accent braid (no tutorial) short hair up-do, fishtail braid.

Here is a montage of last years Country Fair festival hair that I did on my girlfriends during our week in Oregon. We all had dusty dirty hair for lack of showers, and no hair products at all. Just bobby pins, and a lot of inspiration. We were surrounded by naked people, hippies, music, food, dancing, amazing hair and clothes, caravan camping, fire dancing, wild children. This post is a result of my longing for Summer and sunshine and time with my girls. I’m excited to document the hairstyles of this years OCF and share em with ya. XOXO! HTHG

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