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#DIYhair Friday: Lady braids

DSC01350Happy Friday! TGIF. This is a super easy and very pretty DIY hairstyle for medium-longish hair of any texture. I used ornamental combs to secure my braids, but you can also just use bobbys.

If you like the look of milkmaid braids but would rather the pretty part be in the back instead of on the top of your head, than this is the style for you. Here is how to do this lady-like braided hairstyle.

braids n combs

1. Part your hair down the center. Make a loose french braid on one side, all the way to the ends and secure with a clear elastic.

2. Repeat on the other side.

3. Criss-cross the braids.

4. Hold the end of one braid against your head, and overlap a bit of hair from the side over the tails to hide them.

5. Insert comb, teeth first, through the tail of the braid to secure it to the head and then repeat on the other side.

So easy, right? I love any excuse to use combs in my hair:)


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