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  1. Mlain

    I have a problem with the brushing. My hair is curly but only if I don’t brush/comb it. If i brush it, it tends to go more towards wavy and I really like my curls. I have been no-pooing for about four years, only washing my hair with conditioner and that has really enhanced my curls. I recently started with your shamp-free method and I relly like the feeling in my scalp but when I brush the hair I lose the definition in my curls. Any tips on how to fix this because I really like the bakingsoda/acv wash otherwise.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      if brushing isn’t working for you, try just giving your scalp a nice fingertip massage to help stimulate it and work the BS in without disturbing your curls. Are you brushing your wet hair in the shower? if so, try brushing it dry before you ShamPHree.

      1. Malin

        Thank you for answering 🙂 I will definetly try this. I will also take the tips from your Troubleshooting: ShamPHree for diffrenet hairtypes to heart. I would also like to tell you that I really like your site, it’s my favourite place for hair inspiration 🙂

        1. roxie.hunt Author

          So glad to have you here:)

  2. Jackie

    I’ve been shamphree for about 6 weeks now, and love it. My hair has never been better. I have really curly hair and have never brushed my hair much before now, so this might be a question people who brush regularly know: what’s the best way to clean your shamphree brush? What it doesn’t distribute gets stuck in the bristles and builds up and I don’t want to distribute that through my hair.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I would get another brush, a very cheap boar bristle brush. Use it as your brush’s brush 😉
      Brush all the gunk out of your brush with it. That is what I do. You can also soap your brush in warm water and castille soap.

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