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HTHG ads. We’re taking the dive!

DSC03876Hi everyone. I want to take a bit of time to fill you in on the upcoming sidebar ad experimentation period at HTHG. I will be taking HTHG to the next level of the journey to becoming a full time self employed blogger. (I want to make it my career to share hair tricks with the world at large!)

The last year and a half have found me raising my kids, working in the Salon, and working on my blog at least 20 hours a week for no pay. It is time to make it more official so I can justify spending time and energy bringing you great DIY hair and natural beauty content to help inspire your personal style.

In the coming weeks, you will see ads displayed on the sidebar. We are working with Google Adsense to determine proper pricing for future advertisers. My goal is to work with companies that I personally love and want to introduce and promote to my readers. So please, be patient, be understanding, and bear with me through this trial period.

Here is to a prosperous, creative, and sustainable future for us all!


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