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#DIYhair Friday….Snail Braid!

DSC02983Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the most beautiful. This is true of the Scarf roll, and the Twisted halo and the French twist.

The way that hair texture and color works with a style can really make it stand out. The ombre in my hair is why this style looks so cool….A gentle fade from dark to light turns an ordinary braid into a flowery snail braid.

The Snail braid is a great summer hairstyle because it looks great loose and deconstructed, but will still hold well for a day of outdoor action. It is simple to do…..Just a dutch braid across the back of the head, end wrapped into a bun and pinned. Here is how to get the look.


The Snail Braid

braid snail1. Start a dutch braid on one side.

2. Continue the braid across the back of the head, and all the way down the free end. Secure the ends with a clear elastic.

3. Gently pull the sides of the braid apart a bit, starting at the ends. This will loosen it up.

4. Pull the end across the back of the head in the opposite direction.

5. Curl the ends in towards the center to make a braided spiral, flat against the head. Pin the spiral in place discreetly, tucking in the ends to hide them.

Now enjoy the summer with your hair off your neck, in a beautifully simple updo. Click here for the half-up version of this pretty hairstyle!

xoxo, HTHG

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