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Total Babe Hair: Infused Beauty Vinegars.

vin6I have to admit something. I shot this post a long time ago, and have been using infused beauty vinegars in my hair for quite a while. I like them so much that I was afraid to share them because I didn’t want anyone stealing and taking this idea and developing it into a sell-able product before I had a chance to do it myself.

But then I thought, ‘How-to hair girl, you get over yourself. You will never be able to execute every idea into a marketable reality. You HAVE to stay true to your mission. Share information and ideas for free and the rest will follow.’ So, I’m sharing it. And I encourage you to share it too. And some day, you might see ‘Infused Beauty Vinegars’ for sale in the HTHG store. You heard it here first;)

So, you all know that I use Apple Cider Vinegar as my conditioner as a part of my ShamPHree routine. I have also been a user of medicinal herbs for years to treat all sorts of things from bug bites to intestinal parasites. So I thought, why not take the words of the ancients, and start using herbs in my beauty routine. I started doing my research.

After experimenting a bit and writing this post about herbs for hair and beauty, I blended up a couple of herbs and essential oils and soaked them in Apple Cider Vinegar in the sun, in an open jar covered with a scarf. I made one for fine and fragile hair. One for balancing the hair and scalp and treating dandruff, and one for straight up soft, supple, moisturized, beautiful hair. ( Naturally Curly peeps, are you listening?) I now use the Total Babe Hair Beauty Vinegar infusion every time I ShamPHRee and I am telling you, It is a rose colored hair dream. I also totally use it daily as an post-cleansing toner on my face. This stuff is wonderful.

Why infuse? Because you get all the benefits of the herbs concentrated into liquid form. Infusions last a long time and retain potency, especially when vinegar is used, because it happens to be a natural preservative!

It is also good to note that if you use any oils in your hair like coconut or jojoba, you can certainly infuse them with herbs in the same way.vin5 You can even make sun-tea beauty infusions just using herbs and water.

What you will need for your infusion……….Herbs. Mason Jars. A cloth or scarf. Essential oils. A fine mesh strainer. A funnel. Bottles to store your vinegars. (I recommend refrigerating them, BTW.)

How to infuse your Beauty Vinegar for your hair and skin

vinPut all ingredients into a large mason jar. Pour over Apple Cider Vinegar ( I used about 8 oz for each infusion. ) Cover with a cloth and set in the sun for 3 days. Strain into a bottle, cap it, and use it as you would normally in your ShamPHree routine.vin2

Total Babe beauty infusion

For soft, healthy, shiny, rosy hair. Great for dry, coarse, curly, dull, and color-treated hair types.

5 drops of rose essential oil.

1 tablespoon dried hibiscus.

1 tablespoon dried rose buds.

1 tablespoon dried chamomile.

1 tablespoon dried calendula.

t tablespoon of honey

Inner Strength beauty infusion

For fine, fragile, stressed, brittle hair types.

5 drops of pine or rosemary essential oil

1 tablespoon kelp powder

1 tablespoon dried burdock root

1 tablespoon dried horsetail

Tonic beauty infusion

For itchy, flaky scalp and oily hair types

5 drops of tea tree essential oil

1 tablespoon dried lavander

1 tablespoon dried rosemary

1 tablespoon dried chamomile

1 tablespoon dried mint leaves

7U6A0345This project is so useful and fun, It is worth planting a small garden or planter with your favorite beauty herbs so they are always on hand! Have fun infusing, and let me know how it turns out.

Infused Beauty Vinegars are now available in the ShamPHree shop! Check em out.

xoxo, HTHG




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  1. Amanda

    Thanks so much for sharing! Quick question: would the chamomile in the total babe hair infusion lighten naturally dark hair?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Over time, It can add golden highlights to darker hair:)

  2. Chelsea

    What if you live in Seattle and are entering into the sun-less months?!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      just set em outside, covered so they dont fill with rain. The sunlight will still get to em through the perma-fog;)

    2. roxie.hunt Author

      You can infuse them in any warm place. Even a ray of sun in a window:)

  3. Amanda D

    Sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to try but I’m wondering does it make a difference if the herbs are completely dried or fresh? For instance does drying them out in the sun work, or should one use the oven?

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