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The power of a good wig, HTHG guest post.

I get questions from time to time on HTHG about what to do about thinning hair. I am glad today to be able to share this post, written by Dawn Wood about the power of a good wig. Here is a link to her UK blog.

I have secretly been waiting for wigs to go mainstream again like they were during the Victorian era, when women and men wore wigs regularly as a way to express their personal style through their hair. Love that Idea!

Advice for Maintaining a Healthy Head of Hair, and the power of a good wig.

If you ask any image-proud woman, nine times out of ten she will tell you that her hair is her pride and joy. Speaking from my own opinion, it’s important for me to look after my long locks and keep them highly maintained. My hair is thick and wavy and therefore requires a lot of upkeep and conditioning.

Hair is without a doubt one of the key factors that can help a woman to feel confident about herself. Whether your own personal style is short and cropped, curly and thick or long, loose and lustrous, it’s essential to look after the hair that you do have.

However, that being said, there are some women who can experience minor or severe hair loss which can affect confidence levels and lead to feeling unfeminine. If you do fall into this category and you’re feeling troubled by your hair’s condition or appearance, it’s helpful to understand that not only are there many other women who suffer from the same problem, but also to know that there are steps you can take to deal with improving your hair’s general health…

In our modern society that is dominated by image it’s no wonder women feel the pressure and this can in time, affect how the hair follicles grow. Everyday lifestyle factors such as stress and worry, to harsh cosmetic hair dyes to much more severe reasons like illness can all pay contribution to what causes hair loss. Unfortunately the hair’s growing cycle can be affected by genetics and lifestyle choices, but it’s comforting to know that there are solutions for women who suffer from baldness or hair loss. There are many specialist practitioners and cosmetic clinics like Hillside Hair Studios who offer custom-made, genuine human hair wigs, and these can really help to cure the hair problems specifically found in women. Whether your issue is fine hair, bald patches or even if your hair refuses to grow properly, it is specialist treatments that can often improve hair growth and lead to a happier quality of life. Sure, we all have our imperfections but some are far more life changing than others.

So what are some of the most beneficial treatments for those who experience hair related problems? One of the most effective and natural looking remedies has to be human hair wigs for women. You might think wigs are purely superficial and only for dressing up in drag, but this is simply not the case. Wigs are such a stress-free way for transforming your everyday look and you can choose almost any style you wish so long as you have the correct size of wig. An article I found on the Guardian’s website states that celebrities simply love to wear wigs for their ‘bad hair days’ and that “wigs seem to have gone mainstream…” this is good news and just goes to show that wigs are used for cosmetic purposes as well as for medical reasons.

Another tried and tested remedy that actually works is Minoxidil. According to an article I recently read on the NHS website, this hair lotion is proven to result in thicker hair and can also slow down the balding process.

If you are worried about your scalp or hair health then it’s definitely worth seeking the advice of a professional Doctor who can assess your individual concerns and then go onto providing you with a long term solution.

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