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ShamPHree Summer Series 5…..Lovely ladies lounging.

ladies loungingLadies of leisure. Lounging, sun basking, laughing, taking it slow, arguing, napping, nursing babies. Wearing formal dresses? Why not. ShamPHree Summer 2013 at HTHG was all about being impractically, beautifully, naturally free. PHree. Why ShamPHree? Free your hair of shams. Use the PH scale to balance. Free yourself!

We had a real ball at the Buffalo River in the Ozarks this June. We brought our best jumping and lounging dresses. We were colorful and bright and also B&W and serious. No makeup, no styling. The river took care of that.


I do love the Fall, but I miss those early days of Summer.

#freeyourhair #shamphree


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