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  1. Barb Chartier Raudonis

    Hi Roxie! First, I love your site and it’s my main source for getting information regarding going shampoo free. I’ve got a couple questions….regarding the video that you posted about your typical week going shampoo free. At moment 4:45, in which you are wearing a gray sweatshirt. I forget the day it is, maybe 5 or so, but the previous day your hair was getting kinda flat. Nothing wrong with that….it’s just that then at this time (4:45), the next day, your hair appears suddenly different…’s way curlier. My first question is – 1) WHY, if you know. Did you twist it while it was wet or something? 2) What brush are you using on a daily basis? I thought it was suppose to be the natural boar bristle brush. The brush that it LOOKS like you’re using in the video is the Paddle Brush. And lastly, 3)Are you saying that you are ONLY brushing your hair during the whole week (minus the 1 day that you used your “Naked Eye Beauty Powder”, a natural hair powder) and NOT using the ACV rinse on any day of the week?? I realize that everybody’s hair is different & people need to find what works best for their own hair type. Oooops! I thought of 1 more question! 4)It sounds like you make/sell/give out the recipe (???) for your “Naked Eye Beauty Powder.” Tell me how to get/make it please. Thanks a ton! I’ve been doing this for about 3-4 weeks so far and have been really enjoying the results. Still tweaking it a bit, but totally love and amazed at the results of NOT using the typical beauty products that are basically shoved down our throats. Thanks for your generosity in sharing everything about your own journey.

      1. roxie.hunt Author

        oh and I usually rinse my hair in the shower with warm water at least once in between shamphree-ing, sometimes with ACV:)

  2. Abby

    Such a good idea Roxie! I love that you are promoting healthier ways to get beautiful hair without causing damage.. it can be easy to confuse things when you’re trying to achieve the perfect hair 🙂

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