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Wino braids.

IMG_8007Women have been unified for centuries by drinking wine together and doing each others hair. I’m just sure of it. It happens to be one of my favorite pastimes.

I like Malbec lately. It seems like a good, solid dry wine. None of that sweet fruity stuff. And, it has the bonus of turning my already small teeth into tiny purple tic-tacs which give off an

absolute gauge of exactly how much wine I have drunk (Wine Wipes, WHAT WHAT?!?)

Yes, I do have this problem. Am I alone?

Anyhow, during a fun night of laughing and wine and hair with my ladies, I have this braid to show you. It is called Wino Braids.

Let it be stated that Jules, my lovely friend who is rocking this braid, is not a wino. She is far from it. She just happens to enjoy the occasional glass of wine.

Wino Braids

wine, women, and braids

This hairstyle works best on 2nd or 3rd day medium length to long layered hair. Prep with a sea-salt spray for a bit of extra grip.


1. Start with a small lace braid one one side of a center part. Keep adding hair till you get to the crown, then stop adding and braid the free end. Secure with a small elastic.


2. Make another small lace braid the same way, just below the first one.


3. Wrap the end of the second braid forwards, into a flat spiral against the head. Tuck the end in, and pin the spiral into place.


4. Wrap the end of the first braid around the first spiral. Tuck the end in and pin it into place from several angles.


5. Starting on the other side of the head at the hairline, do a Dutch braid across the back and out the bottom on the opposite side. Secure the end with an elastic.

6. Take the braid end and pull it back across and under the dutch braid. Tuck in the end and pin it into place.

Now, If you drink enough wine and go to sleep with this hairstyle, you will likely wake up to it looking fresh and lovely!



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