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ShamPHree concept

In a correspondence with Molly Guy from Stone-fox-bride, I described the ShamPHree concept. I thought I would share this on the blog for those of you who are wondering about what ShamPHree is, and why.

Hi Molly! Thanks for getting back with me. The Philosophy behind ShamPHree is that it is a gentle, chem-free non-stripping way to keep your hair and scalp in balance. After I had kids my hair got weird on me and I tried every fucking expensive shampoo on the market and my hair was just limp n greasy.
I had been hearing about the ‘no-poo’ method for years, but as a hairdresser I was kind of Icked out by the thought of kitchen products in my hair. Finally, desperate, I tried it.
I was sold instantly by the fact that it have my hair beachy texture for days  without the use of other products. After a while, I found that I could do it twice a week and my hair always looked and felt perfectly 3rd day dirty without being limp.
So, I started blogging about it, and then I started calling the method ShamPHree because it sounded better, balances your natural PH, and frees you from the shams of mainstream beauty BS:)
Now, I’m developing it as a kit and product line based on simple natural ingredients that legitimately work to make your hair healthy, low maintainence, and perfectly lived in.
Perfect for moms who are conscious and sleep with braids and want good hair that is no-fuss. Also, great for kids and dudes.
I developed it with the Stone-fox-brides in mind because I’ve found so much inspiration from the whole esthetic you have created. Please let me know if you have any questions about it, and if you like the concept please share it with your ladies. #fuckshampoo Xo
Roxie Jane Hunt

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