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Flower Child…5 casual DIY ways to wear flowers in your hair.

floral HTHG I know. I know. More Flower Hair at HTHG. It’s just that……..Flowers are kind of the general seasonal theme for life right now. I’m not tired of them yet. Are you? If not, let’s put MORE flowers in our hair!

In the past couple weeks, we have talked a lot about flower crowns…..How to make them, and what to do with your hair while you wear them. Today we are going to get creative with different ways of adorning your hairstyles with fresh flowers and plants……Floral Hair Design. Blending the natural beauty of flowers and plants with our hair, and using it to accessorize and add color to our lives in a bold way!

I have to confess something. I am a flower snatcher. I don’t like buying flowers and so I innocently pick them at random, after glancing over both shoulders. I feel okay about it mostly, but at times I have a mini panic attack over the karma of snatching flowers and how it works exactly so……….I only pick them if there are many of them to spare, and I always try and sprinkle the flowers seeds ( If I can find them ) back into the dirt to replant them. I get a bit of a rush from the whole process and generally can rationalize why it is perfectly okay to do.

Whew! I feel a million pounds lighter after that confession. Anyhow, use your best judgement whether you want to pick flowers or buy flowers to use in your hair. Sometimes wildflowers in an abandon city lot are just as lovely as store-bought renunculous.

Before we get started, I want to also encourage the use of plants as well as flowers in floral hair design. Ferns, berries, air plants and succulents, grasses, etc. Use them with your flowers to garnish your hairstyle.

Preparing for Floral Hair Designing

7U6A6561You will need an assortment of flowers and plants, a brush, large and small bobby pins, clear elastics, and some texture spray.

When choosing flowers, get ones that look like they are on their way to a full bloom, instead of ones that are in fullest bloom already. They will last much longer and look fresher in the hair.

Once you have chosen your plants and flowers, you will want to groom them a bit. Strip off excess leaves and dead petals. Leave a couple inches of stem to work with. If you want to use leaves from the flower in the hair, strip them from the flower, preserving as much stem as possible. It is easier to secure flowers and leaves into the hair if they are separated from each other.

Decide where in your hairstyle your flowers will go…..Will you braid them in? Pin them in? Or simply tuck them behind your ear? Brush your hair out thoroughly to remove tangles, and spray in some texture spray for extra grip and lasting power.

Here are 5 ways to wear flowers in your DIY hair.

Braid em in! This first look is so simple! It is one small accent braid, tucked and pinned, and one big side braid!

For this look, choose flowers with long stems, as you will braid the stems into your accent braid. I chose onion flowers and babies breath for this one.

Begin the braid with a couple overlaps before you begin adding in flowers. Lay your first flower with the stem going downward in one of your 3 braid sections. The flower should sit directly on the braid. Overlap a braid section over the flower, and braid it right in, the stem becoming a part of that braid section.

Continue braiding with a few more overlaps, then add in another flower or plant in the same way. Continue braiding the stems into the braid and adding more flowers. End the braid when it is long enough to be pinned into the back of the head. Secure it with a clear elastic.

Now tuck the end of the braid behind some hair in the back and pin it discreetly. Bring the rest of your hair over one shoulder. Braid it loosely, secure the end, and deconstruct it.

birch onions

This next look is also achieved by braiding flowers directly into the hair. It is a french braided hairstyle, wrapped around the head and pinned into place.  I used small wild roses, colored gerber daisies, cosmos, and some random leaves to create a very colorful wildflower look.

To do this hairstyle, section off the underside of the hair,  from behind each ear across the back of the head. In the top section, begin a french braid on one side, adding flowers into the braid as you go.  Guide the braid around the back of the head, and braid the free end down on the opposite side of the back of the head. Secure the ends and then deconstruct the braid a bit.

With the remaining hair underneath, do a free braid all the way from the bast to the ends, adding flowers and leaves in as you go. Secure the ends and deconstruct the braid.

Now wrap the ends of the top braid around the front of the head, in the same direction that you braided it. Pin it in wherever it ends, then add more discreetly placed pins as needed to secure that braid into a crown. Wrap the bottom braid around the head in the opposite direction, tucking the tail of it under the braid crown, and pinning it into place.

Pull out random pieces of hair and pin in more flowers as needed for this lovely disheveled wildflower crown.

birch wildflowers

The ol’ tuck and pin trick is a super easy and pretty way to wear one large flowers like roses or dahlias in your hair. For this one, I used a large white Dahlia with a 3 inch stem.

For this hairstyle, make a single braid down the back and secure the ends. Wrap the braid into a tight bun, and pin it into place.

Take the flower, and feed the stem into the base of the braid. Use a large pin to pin the stem into the hair to secure it. birch bun


7U6A6863For the next two hairstyles, I secured the flowers by first creating a criss-cross pinned grid of bobby pins where I wanted the flowers to go. It makes it easier to add multiple flowers into one area securely.

for these looks, I did the hair first, then the criss-cross pins, and pinned flowers in last.

I used a large rose, small rose, an airplant, and some babies breath.

For this first hairstyle, follow the  Rattlesnake Braid tutorial steps to get the cool looking twisted halo ‘do. Then criss-cross pin across the front of the braids on the top. Pin your flowers and plants into your criss-crossed pin grid. Lovely!

birch rose

This is the Scarlett Letter Braids with criss-cross pins across the back, above the braids, and air-plants and succulents pinned into it. Super easy and cool looking. You can also make an air plant air clip to pin in at the end instead of criss-cross pinning.

birch airplantts

What is your favorite floral hair look from this post? I would LOVE to see your experimental floral hairstyles! Please email them to me at

xoxo, HTHG

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