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ShamPHree Interview. Chris MacLethal, ShamPHree Man.


Chris Is a new-ish friend of our family, though he has been woven into the macreme of our lives since he was a young boy in Arkansas, and my husband Jonny was a slightly older boy who lived on the same Ozark mountain. When I met my (now) ex Dagen, ( Marley’s dad) In Seattle (He is also an Ozark boy) he brought me to Portland, Oregon to meet his aunt and uncle who had been best friends with Chris’s parents when they all homesteaded together. Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 12.17.20 PMIn their hallway was an incredible painting of Dagen’s Aunt Nancy done by Chris’s father Billy MacNamara who is a prolific Ozark painter. They had all been naked hippies on a mountain, dancing in beautiful natural light together.

I became obsessed with Billy MacNamara’s paintings. You can check out his work here. Someday, I hope to own a couple of his prints.

When I opened Mayapple Salon in Arkansas, some of my first clients were a pair of beautiful sisters named Bekah (mimosa hair;) and Heather. Heather had just moved back to Fayetteville from Seattle, where she had been living with her then-boyfriend, Chris Macnamara, son of Billy. This was the first I heard of Chris.

And this is just an example of how things work in the Ozarks. One big family, for better or for worse.

When I finally moved back to Seattle and met Chris years later, we realized we had all this cool overlapping history. He has become like family to us in an Ozark Transplant Kinship way, and an uncle to our kids.

He showed some interest in ShamPHree recently, because as an enthusiastic hobby climber/borderline dirtbag, he needed to be able to go for days in the wilderness without worrying about his hair getting gross on the mountain. He liked the idea of balancing his scalp and getting to where he could wash once a week or so, instead of every day. And so began his ShamPHree Journey.

ShamPHree Interview with Chris, international man of conquest, son of Louisiana debutante and Louisiana hillbilly, both turned Ozark Mountain Hippie.

1. What do you call yourself? Personal branding statement? ( super-human, undercover brother, Mr. fix it?  Something corny? you can get creative or not:)

I mentally refer to myself in the 3rd person as Mac-alicious or Toph the Bearded!  Gotta keep that internal dialogue from being too serious. I think MacLethal is the best one, though.

2. When did you start your ShamPHree journey?

I started my ShamPHree journey about 4 months ago.

3. What inspired your switch?

I wanted to try out my friend’s new product.  How-to Hair Girl extolled the numerous benefits of the natural ShamPHree products!

4. Did you have an adjustment period before you were sold on it? If so, how long and what was it like?

There was about a 10 day adjustment period.  My hair was conditioned to produce a lot of oil because commercial products striped the oils from my hair.  ShamPHree doesn’t strip the natural oil.  During the adjustment period my hair was very oily and felt heavy (I have thick full hair).   I wanted to wash more often than recommended to compensate but let things take their course. After a couple weeks the oils leveled out.

5. What changes have you seen in your hair/scalp that you like since going ShamPHree?

I have less dandruff .  I think this is due to the balanced oil levels.  Also, my hair is shinier and styles itself now.  I just run my hands through my hair and it holds.  No need to worry because I am always looking good!

6. Have their been any surprises?

My hair looks great! I’ve never put effort into my hair and the best part is I still don’t.  I honestly feel my hair looks better because the natural texture and volume are aren’t held in that awkward teenage stage by oil stripping commercial products.

7. What would you tell a friend who was on the fence about going Shamphree?

Get off the fence and ShamPHree!  Seriously,  I haven’t seen any downsides.  Its natural, it’s cheaper than expensive commercial hair products, and it let’s your hair shine for itself!


8. Has your experience with going ShamPHree inspired any other positive changes in your self-care routine/ life in general?

It has made me think about all the expensive synthesized products we buy from large companies and how we “can’t” live without them.  People got by just fine without all these posh modern products and in some cases they got by better.  It makes me see the power marketing and branding has on our perceptions of what we need.  Also, it makes me proud to support people and business that promote simplicity and natural methods.  You don’t need gloss and glam to look good.

8. Anything you want to add about ShamPHree, hair, life in general?

I don’t think I will go back to using commercial hair products.  I am proud to take one more step towards a life that supports local business that promote people through their products.

Thanks, Chris. We wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors, especially your hair, and your current adventure in Sterling Scotland. Hope to see you there!

xo, HTHG

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