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Erika’s golden wave, tie and cardy style.

erika 1988Last night, I checked my email one last time before bed, to find this amazing picture of my dudes sort-of brother’s cool wife Erika, who decided to share a taste of her 7th grade stylishness with us.

Yes, our family is nebulous, and yes ties and cardys are bitchin, especially with a haircut like this, with slicked back sides and a wave in the front. Here is what Erika said about her look.

“Here’s my school pic from around, I think, 1988.  Maybe 7th grade?  I was going through a “tie phase.”  I wore a lot of ties that year.  😉  This pic features a tie my dad wore in the 60’s.  The vest & shirt I believe belonged to my ste​pmom in the 70’s that she gave to me, & the cardy was all new, all mine.  Hope this pic fits your bill!”

Then, she signed off. 5 Minutes later she followed up with this….

“Thought I should mention, I think I look awesome in this pic & am totally not embarrassed by it.  ;)”

Which made the whole thing even way cooler. Thanks Erika for being so cool and sharing this jewel with us!

If you are reading this, and have a hair story, hair transformation, or great hair pics from old family albums, please consider submitting them to HTHG. All submissions can go to, and will be published for the sake of shear awesomeness and inspiration to others. Or maybe a hearty giggle, or the courage to make that big hair move.

xo, HTHG

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