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Kerri goes big by cutting her crazy thick long hair into a chic boxie.

IMG_5926Kerri went from insanely thick long pretty hair to a shorter textured bob, working her way towards the chicest ‘boxie’ around. I am honored to say that I got to be a part of her hair journey, cutting her hair many times, and advising her to DIY her color instead of paying me to do it. (Some color is just so simple to DIY, It is not worth paying for unless you really like to pay someone else. DIY is not for everyone, but it is definitely for some people.)


picstitchHer dark cool brown hair looked better and better the shorter it got, and she came and saw me one last time the day she moved out of town, headed for a lovely-sounding life with her hubby and son in the great mid west. Kerri, we salute your foxiness and bravery with your hair, and hope to god you can find a great stylist in your town who will do justice to your amazing head of hair;)

Kerri says about her hair……”Life is great here—still hunting for a good stylist, tho—so the trimming has been done by yours truly. lol. Tips on making a big hair move?  Keep it simple and if doing a major cut, go gradual.  I feel like my hair adjusted well as I periodically cut it shorter and shorter. I also use a good pomade from Onesta and wash my hair only twice per week. I truly have loved my hair at all lengths, but finding a great stylist is a must for big cuts!”

If you are reading this, and have a hair story, hair transformation, or great hair pics from old family albums, please consider submitting them to HTHG. All submissions can go to, and will be published for the sake of shear awesomeness and inspiration to others. Or maybe a hearty giggle, or the courage to make that big hair move.

xoxo, HTHG


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