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Stuck in a hair loop, Halloween, and constructive feedback.

For Halloween this year, Marley was a vampire witch, and Selah was a ballerina. I was thankful for our big costume trunk, and all the times it has covered our asses IMG_2206 when we needed a costume in a pinch.

Our costume chest is so full of random things passed down from friends, from my closet, from grand parents, clothing swaps you name it. It is a lovingly curated collection of perfectly shabby and colorful IMG_2210sparkly tattered randomness.

So between that, and Marley’s ingenious skills with colored construction paper, tape and safety scissors, we had our Halloween bases covered this year.

IMG_2204Jonny did makeup, ( He nailed it!) and we took the kids trick or treating in the pouring rain, along with my dad who was dressed as ‘backwards man’ for the 32nd year in a row! We are creatures of habit, some of us.

On another note, I already told you that I shlobbed my hair, right? Well, I did. I cut the back of my hair up into a bob, and have been chopping at it constantly since, stuck in a loop and trying to cut my way out.

This is especially alarming to my poor dear Jonny, who had believed my staunch promise from a few years back that I was ‘growing out my hair, until it covers my boobs. And THEN we can get married.’ I guess what I forgot to mention that there is nothing like a minor hair transformation when you are feeling stale and nothing trumps that. I certainly can’t blame him for feeling disaIMG_2237ppointed. But in this case, it had nothing to do with my commitment level to him. Love ya, J. You drive me cray cray but you are my cray J.

I had a conversation the other day with Marley who is 7 about feedback and how important it is. It was within the context of her report card, which she interpreted as criticism and I explained to her was actually a great look at what you are excelling at, and the places you can do better.

I have been trying to give her “feedback” that is constructive, to demonstrate the importance of not taking it personally when someone believes in you, that you can do a better job.

She found me in the bathroom last week, brow furrowed, trimming furiously at my hair. She said to me “Mom! stop cutting your hair. Seriously. You look fine. That is my feedback to you.”

Guess she was listening. XOXO, HTHG



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