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Choosing your hairstyle based on your face shape.

Hey babes. I thought this was in interesting read, from the standpoint of trying to figure out a hairstyle that will be most balancing for your face shape and features. Thank you to Philip James Salon for contributing this post:)

Choosing Your Hairstyle Based on Your Face Shape!2015hairstylesPJS(2)



For years, your preferred method of choosing a hairstyle has probably been by picking out images you like in a magazine or on Pinterest and asking your hairstylist to “make me look like that.” While this is a pretty quick and easy strategy when you head to the salon, it doesn’t necessarily take into consideration your unique features.

After all, certain haircuts are more flattering for certain face shapes; for example, the most flattering hairstyle for a square face is a very long cut, while a round face is favored by long hair that falls a few inches below the chin. Shoulder-length cuts are beautiful with an oval face, and someone with an oblong face should consider a long bob. Finally, a heart-shaped face can rock a short haircut that highlights the cheekbones or long waves to move the viewer’s eye down your face.

This hairstyle guide from Philip James Salon takes your individual features that make up your natural beauty and helps you determine the best hairstyle for your face shape- plus, it goes one step further by revealing what your facial characteristics say about you. It turns out that your face shape, eyes, forehead, lips, and natural hair color can all reflect different aspects of your personality.

For example, your eyes and your natural hair color are two of the most revealing parts of your face and reflect some of the most important parts of your personality- whether you’re brave, intelligent, creative, or community-oriented, your eyes and natural hair color will reflect it. Your forehead correlates with your character, and your lips are connected to your communication style.

When it comes to face shapes and personalities, someone with a round face is sensitive and caring, while someone with a square face tends to be strong and ambitious. Oval-faced people are calm and objective, and oblong-faced people are practical and methodical. Finally, someone with a heart-shaped face is philosophical and analytical.

With all this information at your fingertips, you’ve got everything you need to choose the best hairstyle for both your unique personality and your facial shape. Let 2015 be the year that your hair makes a statement about who you are!

xo, HTHG and Philip James Salon.

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  1. Svenja

    Ok, I get the part about haircuts being flattering or unflattering for one face shape or the other, but this is about the only thing I get here.

    I thought science left the idea that you can actually see a person’s character and personality traits in their face shape/ hair color/ eye color/ skin color/ (insert random physical characteristic here) behind a long time ago.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I’m with ya. Also, I think that people should feel fine with choosing their hairstyle and color based on whatever they want, without feeling like it is not ‘right for their faceshape’ F beauty rules. I was on the fence about publishing this post, but thought it would be conversation provoking, at the very least;)

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