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2015 Spring Hair trend: Grown-up Waves

Hi babes! Here is a fantastic little guest post from a hair blogger named Emily at Peroxidefox. She will be giving us her hair trend forecasts here at HTHG over the next few months, and I encourage you to check out her blog where she finds the coolest runway hair trends that even I haven’t heard of yet. I found her originally from this great post about gradual hair oiling. Emily, thanks so much for contributing!

Also, for the record, I am a major fan of grown-up, languid, shiny waves:)

Grown-up Waves

So at last this eternal Winter has ended, and we’ve finally made it to Spring. Coachella has been and gone, and our yearly dose of various fashion weeks have been administered. So what next? Long layers, waves and piece-y bends are what this Spring is all about.

‘So what?’ I hear you say. ‘We had all that last Summer…….’ Nope. 2015’s styles definitely have some differences, with one particular trend having a major revamp.

2014 was the year of the salt spray. Every wannabe beach babe was spritzing this stuff all over their locks, hoping for those perfectly imperfect separated waves. Just going to say right now that I’m over it. The first time I used my DIY potion, I could practically feel my ends splitting. Lucky for me, this Summer is about making these waves, well, a little more grown up.Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.46.57 PM


Via HJi


More shine, and a lot less crimpy, this beautiful texture was seen at the Blumarine Spring/Summer 2015 show. They’ve ditched the bleach, and instead favoured rich, warm tones with incredibly subtle highlighting in the mid lengths and ends. This is actually a blunt cut, but the separated waves add movement to avoid that clumped look.

What’s the first step to growing up your beach hair? The middle parting, plus a clever little trick you can use to contour your face without makeup. You heard me.

It’s super easy. Just create a middle parting, and use a one and a half inch curling iron to curl your front most pieces inwards, bringing the hair together just below your cheekbones (or where you wished they’d be!). Remember to flat wrap the hair by smoothing it with a densely bristled brush and laying it on the iron. This will mean you get that gorgeous separation without having to use a ton of product. ¬†Finish off your DIY hair contour with a little light oil or shine product on the mid lengths, blending down to the ends, and you’re done.

Do you like the new ‘grown up’ beach hair? What are your favorite Spring/Summer hair trends? Let me know in the comments below.


Much love,


This was post brought to you my blog, Peroxidefox. You can read more styling tutorials, reviews and haircare tips on my blog, here.

xo, HTHG and Peroxidefox

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