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Jewel Encrusted Hair Color, by Tanya Ramirez

jeweled hairHi babes! Happy FRIDAY!

Today, I am sharing hair color inspiration from Tanya Ramirez of Untamed Instincts.

This look is all about creating a ‘jewel-encrusted’ effect with faceted hair colors hand-painted for multi-tonal dimension. Check out the video to learn how to master this technique, and marvel at the sparkling, colorful results. I can’t WAIT to try this trick. Who wants to let me experiment on their hair????

Tanya, we salute you and thank you for sharing your skill and creativity with us. Keep kicking ass and hair.


I recommend checking out more of Tanya’s work ASAP whether you are a stylist of a DIY hair enthusiast. She is a talented creative woman and a great teacher. And if you are in the LA area, visit Tanya to unleash your spirit and discover the transformative power of hair that tells your story. Get untamed!

Tanya is located at:
Untamed Instincts Hair
Salon Republic
West Hollywood, California.

Learn more about Tanya’s work here.

Follow Tanya:




xo, HTHG



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  1. Maggie

    This looks so amazing. You can experiment on my hair, for sure! I live in Seattle!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      OOOOH!!!!!!!! I might take you up on that!

      1. Maggie

        Just say the time and I’m down in Belltown! I live in SLU, so I’m super close!

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