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Last night, I barfed my brains out almost literally, while my kids barfed next to me. We apparently had a freakish stomach flu. The next day, I was supposed to co-teach a Social Media for Hairstylists class at VAIN, and had to cancel, which disappointed the shit out of me.

Needless to say, the girls stayed home from school and we found ourselves feeling slightly under the weather and also stir-crazy and bored with the meak menagerie of crafting supplies at home. So, I took them to the BABE CAVE! It was the kids first official studio day with mom.

I had to set some initial ground rules……No bickering, no negativity, breathing through frustration, etc…..The Cave is a sacred creative space, after all. 7U6A9384They agreed, after a bit of backtalk.

When we got their, I pulled out my craft kit, and the girls dove into the hair chalk. I found this artist chalka couple years ago that is made for art but perfect for hair, and it is cheap and easy to find. The kids are obsessed with it.

Fully chalked, the girls moved on to other projects. Marley made Goddess Eyes with yarn and sticks, ( Which was the PERFECT start to finish project for a creative 8 year old)7U6A9409

and Selah………..Selah. First she rubbed my crystals all over her face for a while.


Then, she directed me through the construction of a terrifying pony doll named ‘Nightmare Moon,’ a project which consisted of me cutting out a winged-pony out of a doubled up old t-shirt that Marley had previously tie-dyed, 7U6A9395

digging around in my beautifully chaotic thread box to choose thread to sew it with,7U6A9419

sewing it together and then sewing yarn hair on it, 7U6A9439

then violently stuffing lumpy beans down it’s extremities hoping it wouldn’t explode, and then……… loving it entirely for it’s perfect weirdness. Pinterest, you won’t see this pony within your beautifully refined DIY’s.7U6A9441

7U6A9431All in all, I would say it was a good day considering it was a flu day.

Hope you all are enjoying your June, (without the flu.)

xoxo, HTHG