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Quick Curly Beehive



Hey curly mamas! This quick and dirty little beehive for natural curls is beyond easy to do, and fantastic for dirty hair!aud

To get the look, you will need several bobby pins. Say 6 to be safe. And I suggest using the largest ones you can

Begin by roughly sectioning off the top half of the head. Don’t try and be too neat;) Holding the entire section out, begin to twist it in one direction. Bring the twist to the back of the head, and hold it there firmly. Push it gently upwards against the head, to create more volume and give it the ‘hive.’

Use bobby pins to secure the twist to the head.

Now, letting the ends of the twist fall in with the rest of the hair, take all the hair into one hand, and twist it upwards like you would a simple french twist.

Hold the twist against the head, and carefully tuck the ends behind the twist and out of the way.

Pin the twist securely, being as discreet as you can and hiding those pins. Here is more on that;)!

Add a little floral headband if you want, or a ribbon or something.


xoxo, HTHG

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  1. lucy

    Hi Roxy,I love this, but it reminded me that I have been wondering for sometime about bangs (fringes for us UK people!)on curly hair. The lady in your photos has gorgeous curls around her face (like a roman statue!), but if I have layers or bangs cut around my face, anything shorter than the bottom of my ear springs up and curls vertically. I would love to see a post about bangs for curly ladies! I use your tutorials to cut my hair but am far to scared to cut myself some bangs. Xx

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Curly Bangs!!!!! I have them, currently:) I will put curly bangs on my list of topics to cover. Great idea!

      1. lucylucy

        Wooo! That would be brilliant, I’ll try to hold off with the scissors until then! Hehehe… X

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