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Grownup Pippi Side-Pony

A few months back, we brought you a Pippi Longstocking tribute hairstyle. Today, we bring you a lady pirate hairstyle that a grownup Pippi Longstocking would surely rock.

Here is a photo montage of Sarah giving herself the Grownup Pippi Side-Pony, a hairstyle which she pulls off (remember the flustered artist scarf bun??) We bet you can pull it off too. But you have to fully own it and wear it with absolute un-apology like Sarah does.


7U6A51017U6A51077U6A51127U6A5119If you can rock this look, and help us make the Grownup Pippi Side-Pony a THING, we may just consider shooting and sharing a Pony-Bang tutorial next month;)

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