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#bethefair Flustered Artist Scarf Bun

DSC05672I would like to introduce you to Sarah. This lady is like a sister to me. Once, our friend Brette and I took her into the alley and threw eggs at her because she was being bratty. Later on, she pushed me down as I ran to steal second base on the baseball field.

We watched Cable Guy all summer long. We snuck into a Wu Tang show and danced on stage. We faught and made up. We laughed our asses off. We waited tables and barista-ed together. We shared our later childhoods and teenage years. We went through awkward stages. We made fun of our parents. We snuck out of the house.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.40.58 PMNow, Sarah and I live in the same town again. She finished apparel design school a couple years ago, and has a sweet little studio on Capitol Hill where she makes gorgeous custom things under the moniker ‘tenth&olive’. You can check out her designs here.

One thing I truly admire about her and her work is that she gets that fashion should always be functional. Her attention to detail and appreciation for quality work and material blend with her unique style esthetic to create unique and wonderful designs.

She is really clever when it comes to turning fashion into function……Example:

DSC05428Using scarves creatively. Check out these hair tutorials featuring Sarah.

Today, she brings you her own special scarf bun. A unique and totally cute scarf hairstyle idea.


Here is how to get the look.

Scarf bun!

scarf bun


1. You will need  a couple of bobby pins, and a long thin scarf.

2. Twist all the hair into a high bun. Secure with bobbies.

3. Take the scarf and locate the center. Drape the flattened out scarf directly over the top of the bun.

4. Hold the scarf on top of the bun with one hand while you begin to wrap one end of the scarf around the base of the bun.

5. Now keep wrapping both ends in opposite directions around the base of the bun.

6. Tie the ends of the scarf on the side.

7. Pin up any loose hairs.

Now you have an art studio worthy hairstyle ready to wear.



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