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Mandalas and Braids, Upcoming Offerings from HTHG

Hello Friends!

How is everyone? I am doing quite fine today, after what seems like endless sickness and stress and a constant grasp for balance in my house as the Fall has set in. To what do I attribute a change in my attitude lately after a recent rough patch in life? A string of good hair days, if you can believe it;)

And, also, just settling in to the adjustment of having two kids at school and a bit of an empty nest.

I am getting ready to embark on a series of little journey’s around the US, where I will be offering different classes and workshops along the way. First stop Portland for Hair and the Moon with Stefani Padilla, then Arkansas for Filth And Beauty Mandalas, LA for Mercado Sagrado, and SF for Divining the Spectrum..

I keep waiting for anxiety and fear to set in……Speaking if front of people can be very hard for me. But I keep coming back to the feeling of actual bliss and excitement, no negativity…..just eagerness and full-heartedness. Could this be because I am going to be sharing such important parts of my own heart and I am actually incredibly honored to step into this role of teaching people face to face, people who actually really want to learn what I have to teach? I really really like this feeling. Thank you to all who are here ( Big sparkling hearts!!! Wish I had emojis for the blog.)

Today I want to introduce you to a few offerings I have coming up, and invite you to join if you are in the area!

mercado-sagrado-2016Mercado Sagrado

If you are in the LA area, come see me Mercado Sagrado, a beautifully curated Art and Maker Fair in Malibu Canyon. I will be offering braiding sessions and mindful haircare/ritual consultations and sessions. I will have all my small-batch hair remedies and potions in tow, as well as some brand new hair tools and adornments for sale like this gorgeous brass hair comb made exclusively for HTHG by Nikki Jacoby. Please do come by for a visit!img_5625


img_4845Filth and Beauty Mandalas

In collaboration with the Be Awakened Folk Studio in Fayetteville Arkansas, I offer my love for the beauty of our natural world and my tools for divining endless creative inspiration for life by noticing, connecting with, and using the flora and fauna around me to design straight from the heart. In this class, we will talk about the meditative and healing practice of creating mandalas, and learn to trust our instincts and tap into our creative flow through this beautiful and timeless devotional practice.

This class will be held at The Fern Healing Center, and you can register by calling Jesse at 479-966-9049

I invite you to come and join me, and to please share this post with people who you think would gain from it.

xo, HTHG // Roxie Jane Hunt

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