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Witch Manifesto by Milla Prince, via The Cauldron

Photo by Demetria Provatas

As a part of our Witches I Love Series, please read this Manifesto from Milla Prince via The Cauldron, a zine written and compiled by Milla and Demetria Provatas, two badass Witches who hail from a small island in the Salish Sea.

Gather Around, Witches

If you love what you read, click over here and purchase your own zine, which you will surely want to keep on your shelf for life. It features poems, writings, art, interviews, recipes and DIY’s to uplift and empower for these times we live in. If there are no more copies of this first issue, please subscribe and/or follow both Milla and Demetria on IG for pre-sale of the second issue.

Check out Milla’s blog and shop here, and Demetria’s here. Thank you to these women who share their hearts with us.


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