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elemental haircare alchemy for styling + transformation

Hello friends and family! Thanks for being here today, as I launch this project that I have been working on and tending to for the last 9 months. It is a real honor to share with you.

The theme for these offerings is Transformation + Vision because I believe these things to be incredibly important personal invocations to be calling in at this moment in time, for the greater good of all life.

In creating this upcoming collection of hair remedies, I knew what I wanted as far as hairstyling and care, but I left a lot of space for more subtle alchemy intended for healing of the identity, and the essence of transformation and clarity of vision. Weaving the intention into haircare felt very powerful because it gives a small yet potent starting point to cultivate these intentions into our self-care ritual + hair and our crown chakra (our connection to the greatest good and our highest selves. )

The small transformations that begin with the way we care for ourselves and our hair, and in honoring our reconnection to the natural world, we manifest outer changes that radiate from us exponentially and effect the world at large. This is how magic works, with massive intention and a shift of consciousness at will.

In short, I formulated this collection with elements and prayers to help bring positive transformation to this world in a way that I know how, and then I sat back and let the magic take shape.

Ingredients began to offer themselves left and right, from owl feathers to mugwort ash, monarch wing dust, opium poppy, crown vetch, fossil powder, yerba santa, local beeswax, powdered black tourmaline and arkansas quartz, amethyst and smoky quartz, sunlight, smoke, pine pitch.

Sun and Moon and a bit of the 4 great elements…….And the magic manifested.

Once I had all my ingredients gathered, I began brewing these beautiful hair medicines and styling remedies for The Hair Magic Collection, infused with powerful intention and hair love and the essences of TRANSFORMATION + VISION. These remedies are intentionally formulated for both healing and styling force to compliment any natural hair texture……made with 100% earth based, wildcrafted, foraged or ethically harvested raw ingredients to support healthy, beautiful hair, inner and outer transformation and a whole, integrated identity. Because so much unseen energy and attachment lives in our hair, it should be treated with utmost care and love.

Here is an intro to the collection


tone + strength + reflect

Night treatment spray for resilient hair

spray into hair before bed to protect + strengthen+ inspire lucid dreaming

mugwort, opium poppy essence, crown vetch essence, arkansas quartz crystal, witch hazel, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, aloe, lavender hydrosol, usnea, rose, hibiscus, comfrey flowers

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illuminate + clarify + hydrate

nourishing hair oil for shine + moisture

use a few drops at a time as needed in dry or wet hair + as a scalp treatment for healthy growth

mugwort, yerba santa, arkansas quartz crystal, castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil

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texture + transform + embody

create shape + encourage natural movement in the hair

work small scoop of paste between hands,  and run through hair + scrunch into roots for volume + ends for texture

shea butter,  beeswax,  doug fir sap,  black tourmaline powder, fossil powder,  guar gum,  celtic sea salt, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil,  yerba santa,  mugwort ash,  sandalwood, myrrh, artemesia, morrocon rose, egyptian jasmine, orange blossom

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lift + build + revive

build structure + soak up oil in between washes

sprinkle into roots +  brush through hair or work through with fingers + bring hair back to life

black tourmaline powder, fossil powder, arrowroot, kaolin clay, maca, guar gum, sandalwood, artemesia, myrrh, jasmine, orange flower, morrocon rose, eguptian jasmine

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anoint + reconnect + bless

return to yourself + integrate body mind and soul

massage a few drops into temples and the top of your head to bring it all together

grapeseed oil, sandalwood, myrrh, artemesia, morrocan rose, egyptian jasmine, orange blossom

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 We are also re-stocked in Free Your Hair // Nikki Jacoby hair combs, as a limited release with this collection.

Hairstylists make the best hair products, and witches make the best medicine. Get your haircare from your local Hair Witch and get the best of both. It is a true joy to share these with you! This collection is limited in quantity so get your magic while you can.

xo, Roxie Jane Hunt


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