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My services are offered with 20 years of learning behind the chair and an incredible depth of creative insight and intuition to deliver a personal transformative hair experience. My aim is to craft identities that are, intentional, authentic and embodied, so that you feel yourself and comfortable in your own hair, with your hairstyle that lets you tell the story of who you are.



My cuts are done with an organic understanding of hair textures, and grow out beautifully requiring minimal styling. They are shaped around your unique self, your lifestyle, and your personal taste.

Most cuts are done on dry hair, as it falls in its natural state.


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Community Haircuts


For a more economical haircut that is just as great but costs less, organize your community and I will come set up in someone’s house and give haircuts on a sliding scale from $50-125 for a minimum of 5 folks. You provide snacks and someone who loves to hold babies so I don’t have to pay for childcare:)



This beautiful, seamless color technique is great for low maintenance enhancement of your natural color. I use a very low-chem French clay-based bleach to intuitively paint on soft lighter tones to illuminate your natural color and help texture come alive. This technique is great for all hair colors and types, and it grows out beautifully and requires minimal maintenance.

$150 and up

Please inquire more by emailing me at

Ritual Haircut

This service is a haircut with intention. We weave the haircut experience into a beautiful ritual of setting intention, scalp/crown massage, aromatherapy and magic. The ritual haircut is an initiation for whatever part of you needs it at the time……It is a shift in consciousness and a self-honoring experience that will help all who receive it begin to weave ritual into their lives in surprising ways and deepen their own self-care experiences. Done close to the new/full moon, this service holds the most power. This service is an hour and a half.


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I offer a full transformation cut/color experience for those who are ready to shed their chrysalis and become their full butterfly self. This service is wonderful for initiating letting go and starting fresh, in times of great life changes.

This service is customized to your tastes and your unique story.

*Requires an initial consultation, price included in total of this service.


Please inquire more by emailing me at

Braids/ Styling

I offer braids and styling to brides, maidens, men, children, anyone who wants to walk through a special day with an inspired and beautiful creation of hair to wear. Adorning the crown with a hairstyle helps us call upon our highest and most powerful selves and is a wonderful addition to any special event.

I have a very special love for floral hair styling, which blends the artistry of the hairstyle with the subtle magic of fresh flowers to create inspired designs that make incredible statements.

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Self-Care Ritual Crafting

Creating ritual around our haircare and self-care is a powerful way to transform daily life by inspiring deeper connection, mindfulness and gratitude. It is taking a routine and infusing it with intention and magic to create small rituals that will illuminate daily life with light and beauty. This service is an hour and a half of hands-on consultation and experimentation and you will leave with the tools you need to create your own self-care rituals for life.


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Custom Formulation/Consultation

I can help you create the perfect hair color, nourishing hair oil, braided hairstyle, DIY haircut. You name it. This is the world I live in, and I am here to help empower you with the knowledge and hands-on skills to rock your own haircare just the way you want to.


This is an hour and a half service.

Please inquire more by emailing me at


I am hear to teach all that I know. What do you want to learn? I do classes, one-on-one, workshops, retreats. Please inquire by emailing me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Roxie Jane Hunt