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I want to thank Jason from for pitching me this informative and witty post. I get so many pitches, and most of them are inauthentic and not at all aligned with the content I strive to share. This post, and the way Jason reached out, reminded me of the tireless work I did when I first started blogging, writing from the heart while trying to appeal to the masses and then stepping out of my comfort zone to ask other bloggers if they would share my work. It is not easy to put your words out there, but it is important. Thank you to Jason, and to all the bloggers how said yes to me:)

We talk a lot about hair journeys here at HTHG. Today, we learn a bit about the facial hair journey……..

Life of a Bearded Man

The bearded man awakes and walks to his bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror; he likes what he sees. His face is obscured in the most glorious way, by a thick, full, almost shrub-like beard. He begins his beard care routine; after all, magnificence takes time and effort. He leaves his dwelling for the day, confident in himself and optimistic about the day ahead. For he knows that he likes himself with a beard, and so does everyone else.

The life of a bearded man is….just…different. It is hard to explain to the ‘unbearded’, but it is my duty to try. People must know.

Growing a Beard

Growing a beard seems like a simple thing…

It will happen on its own if you ignore it right?

Just stop shaving right?

Wrong, so very wrong.

Growing a beard is a journey, an adventure even. It takes work, and it isn’t easy. If it were as simple as not shaving when you get up in the morning, everybody would have a wonderful and masculine beard. Yes, even the women (maybe).

The initial phase is different for everyone. However, it is usually characterized by itchiness and discomfort as your face grows accustomed to being hairy. This phase can be hard, but there are ways to stop the itch.

You will be tempted to give up and shave. I urge you, don’t! You must persevere to the next stage.

Once the discomfort has passed, you will reach the mid-length phase and you will feel pain of a different variety. Much like a gangly teenager who has yet to grow into his body, your beard will appear ungainly and awkward as it passes from stubble to greatness. You must press on. It’s hard to see the beard at the end of the tunnel but it’s there. You will feel tempted yet again to shave, but heed me. Things will get better; you must have faith. There are many benefits.

Growing a beard is an undertaking. You must persist through the initial trials and tribulations. It takes patience and optimism. You must recognize the potential of your face, and believe in the beard yet to come. However, once the beard that has been promised graces your face, you will find yourself a changed man.

Living With a Beard

Obviously, the first thing that changes when you grow a beard is you. You will gain the confidence one gets from knowing that they accomplished something great. There is a reason that beards have been a symbol of masculinity, power, prowess and wisdom since forever. Certainly, it is not the only indicator of a man being a true man, but it is the most striking and obvious.

The content of your character is important, but outward appearances do matter. It is much easier to act manlier if you look the part. Once you look like who you want to be, it is much easier to feel like that person. A beard can be a catalyst for change; a flag that signals childhoods end or evolution into a better, more complete you. The bearded man enjoys self-esteem and even better physical health.

You are not the only who will experience a beard-induced metamorphosis. The people around you will change as well. They will notice the change in you and treat you accordingly. Do not be alarmed when you begin to receive a deluge of compliments on your face fur; admiration is a natural reaction. Bearded men are regarded as more capable and reliable. First impressions are crucial to forging relationships, and the bearded man cuts a striking and confident figure without appearing young and inexperienced.

Of course, there are more, tangible, benefits to possessing a beard. Women are scientifically proven to find men with facial hair more attractive. Even a feminine face can increase its attractiveness to women by adding hair. Beards are considered the most desirable by women for long term relationships. The beard signals to them that you are mature and able to provide for your partner and family. If a woman seeks a real man, the beard will inform her that her search is at an end.

Unfortunately, not all will react positively to your beard. Some people fear change and will fear what you have become. Some concerns come from the right place, your friends and family will worry that you are not the same. They will learn in time that you’re still you, only a better you. Worse though, are those who are threatened by your new masculinity. Perhaps it is jealousy, or maybe they are put off by masculinity in general. Worry not. You cannot save them all, and you shouldn’t try. Your beard is for you.

Fortunately, despite the negative attention you may get, the bearded man enjoys membership in a follicle fraternity like no other. All bearded brethren enjoy an unspoken bond of shared accomplishment and endeavor. Beard culture thrives in our day and age, and there are countless groups of beard enthusiasts out there are united in their love of facial fuzz.

It’s time for some practical stuff, having a beard will require some adjustments. For me the biggest one was learning how to eat and drink, it’s a skill that you need to learn. Here’s a video with some great tips. You will also need to care for it, a daily grooming routine is a must. Read on.

Maintaining Your Beard

The bearded man knows that facial splendor does not happen on its own. If you care for your beard, it will care for you and be a lifelong companion. You can’t just grow it and leave it.

Your beard is like a fine woman, it requires attention. Tender love and care for your beard involve brushing and combing, trimming and styling, shampooing and the application of specialized beard products.

You will need the help of several different beard products to keep your facial hair healthy and beautiful, just like you, usually getting a beard kit that contains all of them is cheaper and easier.

  1. Beard oil: One of the most important products.  It keeps your beard hair and skin moisturized and conditioned.
  2. Beard Brush or Comb: Brushing your beard is crucial for your beard, it helps untangling, spreading your natural’s oils throughout your beard and keeps your beard neat and clean.

It also trains your beard to grow in the direction you want it to grow.

  1. Beard Balm: Beard balm is similar to beard oil. Beard balms are used to condition and style your beard, there are balms that are better for styling and hold and balms that are better for conditioning.


Maintaining beard health and care is important, but you don’t have to go it alone. The bearded man seeks the help of professional barbers when time and money allow because he knows that the beard is too important to let pride get in the way, it’s also fun.


Hope this article helped you gain some insights.

Jason blogs at about everything manly – With a strong passion for men’s grooming and self-improvement of all kinds. Facebook follow here.