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Joy! Winter is waining, and I am so happy to announce that we now have 3 hairbrush designs to choose from! Shop here

Pure and simple: The FREE YOUR HAIR BRUSH is my favorite tool for optimal healthy hair.

I created the FYH Brush because for years, I advised every client who sat in my chair, regardless of their hair texture, to work in a weekly/bi-weekly brush session with a mixed bristle brush instead of their normal shampoo routine. I encouraged them to make it a ritual, and call it a mechanical wash instead of your chemical wash.

I was tired of seeing people and their hair stuck in unhealthy states of being, and cycles of care that felt destructive instead of self honoring. I felt that a ritual to bring love back to the crown instead of a routine which kept people consuming, unhealthy, and creating more plastic waste and chemicalizing their lives while drying out their hair was in order. But the only great brush out their was so expensive that most people I knew couldn’t afford it.

I designed the FREE YOUR HAIR BRUSH so that instead of stripping their hair and scalp of vital oils which are there to protect and balance the best interests of each person’s unique mane, we can move oil from the scalp where it often gets trapped into the ends which are thirsty for it, stimulating blood flow to bring healthy new hair growth and cellular function and returning vitality one stroke at a time

Today, if you don’t already have one, I invite you to get a FYH brush and wash your hair in a new way. It goes like this:

BEFORE showering/bathing: Brush out that gorgeous head of hair. Maybe it gets huge and fuzzy. Maybe it gets flat and static-y. Maybe your curls freak out. Keep brushing. Brush from the North, south, east and west. Flip your hair upside down and brush. Brush your hair vigorously and lovingly for 5 minutes. Then, a good rinse with warm water will do. No suds.

Photo// Ayushi Agarwal // MUA Heidi Nymark // Hair Roxie Hunt

Want to make a ritual of it?

Imagine what you are letting go of, moving stagnant energy through your crown and out into your brush. What are you ready to release in life? What do you want to make room for? New growth can occur on your head, and also in your life at large. You write your own ritual story.

Do this at least twice a month, Full/ New Moon for extra potency and growth.

For a limited time, we have 3 brush designs to choose from!

Purchase your brush today here