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Bonus! Vibe Tonic

By April 7, 2020No Comments

The Art of Vibe : Pleasuring your Senses

Create your own Flavor Magic Vibe Tonic!

Getting the juices flowing in the body can help us move through low vibe moments and create a reminder to your mouth to vibe-up by making yourself a little flavor magic is a lovely and easy way to keep the vibe high throughout your day. ( I am never without a tincture or tonic in my purse to drop into my mouth when needed) This can easily be done at home with what you likely already have around you.

I personally love tangy things because they create juiciness in the mouth. (I have a directive in my will that my family members stuff my mouth with gummy bears as I take my final breaths, no joke!) I am a long time devotee of Apple Cider Vinegar to flavor anything. It makes my mouth water, which creates vibes in my entire body. Here is how to make a lovely little tonic for yourself to carry around and use as needed to remind your mouth to Vibe harder.

Do me a favor. Close your eyes. Imagine taking a sip of Apple Cider Vinegar. Does your mouth water just by imagining? That is potent Vibe magic.

To Create your Vibe Tonic, You will need:

– Apple Cider Vinegar 

– Honey

– Edible things that raise your personal vibe: This can be plants, flowers, herbs, spices, flavors, berries, whatever you have in your pantry that makes your mouth water when you think of it.

– A glass jar with a lid and a sticker or label to write on.

– A small dropper bottle. Clean out an old rancid one from your cabinets if you need to.

– Optional: Add High vibe objects like minerals and crystals.


Pour 4 ounces of ACV into your jar. Drop in a tablespoon of honey. Put the lid on and shake so the honey dissolves. Pack that liquid full of high vibe flavor things. Don’t be too precious about it. Top off with more ACV if needed, so that the flavor things are submerged entirely. Cover and keep in a cool dry place for 2 weeks. Shake it vigorously every day and whisper this to it: You are my Vibe Tonic.

After 2 weeks, strain it and pour it into a dropper bottle. Put on label and write: VIBE TONIC.

Keep it with you always to raise mouth vibe.

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