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De-Beiberizing short hair, preparing to grow out.

So Erin had gotten her hair cut pretty short a while back, and it quickly grew to be a bit Beiberesque. (Kinda heavy and bowl-cuttish)

She wanted to begin to grow it back out, so I got in there with my shears and shortened the shaggy nape area up, texturized the heck out of it to remove weight, and thinned the bangs out and gave them a bit of choppy asymmetry and a little direction.

This is kind of my grow-out MO, the techniques I reach for when trying to gracefully take short hair back into medium, and then long. Reshape, Texturize, and establish direction.

This cut will grow towards a choppy little layered bob, if she continues to trim the nape area every couple months. In 3 months, she will be ready for another overall reshaping and re-texturizing, that will get her gracefully into medium shoulder length hair.

When growing hair out, you have to think for the present and the future. What will look  great now, and last till the next phase?

Here’s a tutorial for ya’ll.

XO, How to hair girl.

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