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Hair from the streets of London

I love people. Just regular people, all walks of life. I love urban culture and vibe, especially now that I live in the country and I get to be like a fly on the wall, watching the action from the screen and filter of the internets.

A bit removed, but my heart and style sensibilities are still in the city. If you looked at me at this very moment however, you would probably ask yourself how this arky chick found herself with any sense of urban style. But, you don’t have to see me in the comfort of my evening attire so I won’t spoil the fantasy. I assure you, my urban style is in there somewhere.

I’m rambling. The point is, there is this blog called The Crimpington Post. It is hair from the streets of London. They combine an eye for personal style and fantastic photography to bring you a slice of London’s style demographic from the perspective of random people’s hairstyles. They are just regular people with hair. Like me and you and Joe Blow down the street. I am in love.

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