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My summer hair M.O.


Isn’t this a gorgeous picture of me?


After years of experimentation with different hair products, regimens, hair cuts, styles colors, textures… hair is finally semi long-ish and semi natural-ish. I’ve settled into a nice little routine with my own hair care. My goal is to have long healthy hair no maintenance hair, taking very little away from it, and filling it with sustainably nourishing ingredients.

Summer is the time to make a statement with your hair, to let it be loose and free, or tied up is a casual way to keep it off your face. Either way, taking care of it is important so you don’t jump into fall with 4 inches of split ends that need to be cut off.

Here is how I protect my hair in the summer-












  • A thorough spray down with KM Hair resort after weekly shampoo and conditioning.









  • A daily rinse in the shower.
  • Loose braid at night

And I try not to let it fly around too much in the car with the windows down. It’s very tempting, but It dries it out terribly. If I’m going to be in the sun for an extended period, I throw on a hat or scarf to protect it.

What is your hair routine, and why?

Does it change summer/winter?

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